TimTam: Headless commerce with bl!nk integrated with ReCharge

TimTam makes professional-grade therapy products for athletes, trainers, therapists, and consumers. Designed for athletes by athletes, TimTam’s massagers, methods, attachments, and nutrition supplements unlock the holistic healing benefits of recovery and empower their consumers to manage their pain as they go, putting the athlete and their recovery journey first.

While working with the bl!nk team, our transition to headless was completely seamless. Since we’ve launched our site with bl!nk, we’ve also seen an uptick in revenue and conversions after just a month, a direct result from a much faster website experience for our customers. Now, after using the bl!nk platform for over a month, our team has noticed how simple it is to manage our site. From simple copy updates to product management, our team has so much more control over everything on our site.
Tom Pepe, Investor
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ReCharge integration

In addition to their selection of massagers, TimTam provides 90-day protein powder subscriptions through ReCharge. Because nutrition subscriptions are a large part of TimTam’s business model, their team needed to know they could still use ReCharge to manage subscription data after going headless. 

While building TimTam’s headless site, we used ReCharge’s RESTful API to connect TimTam’s new site with their existing ReCharge dataset. By integrating ReCharge with TimTam’s new headless website before the launch, the TimTam team ensured all of their subscription management data was intact and transitioned seamlessly under their headless approach. Now, TimTam’s website provides a high-quality omnichannel experience for their subscribers while streamlining subscription management operations for their team.

Site speed

The drive to go headless was in large part due to TimTam’s struggle to increase site speed. No matter how well the TimTam team optimized their website, they still hit a wall for how fast the site loaded. 

By separating the frontend and the backend of TimTam’s website, we were able to build the frontend of their website on a performant framework in React to eliminate the need for clunky code and a large stack of apps. Whereas a traditional Shopify frontend calls thousands of CSS files lines, dozens of HTML files, and a few JS scripts when loading a page, the bl!nk approach only loads the exact, essential code needed to load any page at any given time — ultimately speeding up the initial paint than that of a normal site. With TimTam’s frontend in place, we integrated the frontend of the website to Shopify’s Storefront API so that that the TimTam team could still utilize Shopify’s robust backend functions for product and order management. After launch, the new TimTam site loads in under a second — 0.78 seconds to be exact.

"Subscriptions are huge for us, and because of that, we had some initial hesitancy to move to a headless approach. While working on our implementation, the bl!nk team made the transition with ReCharge as easy as possible. After our new site launched, our subscription flow for both new and current subscribers remained completely intact."
Todd Dunphy, COO
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