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our mission

blink provides full autonomy to marketers and designers over their digital storefront with an effortless ecommerce platform to curate content while increasing site speed and conversions.

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The story

bl!nk started as a client-funded R&D project of the web development agency, Responsival, which had a long history of building ecommerce experiences on Shopify. After working in the space for a number of years, Bryan, CEO of Responsival (and now bl!nk), was approached by a client with a simple mission: make their Shopify website as fast as humanly possible.

This was around the time the word “headless” was starting to bubble. Bryan had an immediately clear vision of what he and the team were capable of producing if given the luxury of time and the right partnership. Fortunately, they had both and bl!nk was born. Since then, the team has been in full product focus crafting the world’s first no-code, headless ecommerce platform focused on unlocking revenue potential for websites on Shopify through site speed and proven UX components.

We aim to

Empower brands with freedom over their ecommerce experience - streamlining customer connection and engagement with limitless customization abilities.
Connect consumers to their favorite brands via the fastest online shopping experience.