The Truffleist: Transforming a cookie-cutter Shopify site into a sophisticated headless storefront

The Truffleist is a brand that demands attention. Founded in 2013, their mission has always been clear: to create the highest quality truffle products on the market. And they’ve succeeded. From their decadent truffle oils and sauces to their delicious seasonings, the Truffleist has become synonymous with luxury and indulgence. Their commitment to only using the freshest ingredients and sustainable practices has brought them to the forefront within their industry, making them a major player in the truffle business.

From the jump, we were incredibly impressed with not only the bl!nk platform but also the bl!nk team. Because we’ve never really been able to affordably elevate our site theme to feel like our brand, it was important to us to find a partner who could capture our brand in the design and give us the tools we needed to keep up with our site long after. The bl!nk team absolutely nailed our vision for the site design and really took the time to make sure we understood their tools to keep our site in tip-top shape.
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Recipes filtering

What good is having delicious truffle products if you don’t know how best to use them? For the Truffleist, recipes have served as a way to educate their customers, strengthen the customer-brand relationship, attract new customers, and push sales for related products. Before integrating with bl!nk, the Truffleist had pages and pages of recipes without a great way for users to filter down the content. The only option was to filter by ingredient, but the Truffleist team felt if users had more filtering options, the recipes would be used far more often. Within the recipes themselves, the Truffleist products could only be hyperlinked, which didn’t help their products truly stand out. 

After integrating with bl!nk, the recipes page is now in a nav bar, front and center for all users to see. Instead of being confined to one filtering option, users can now filter recipes by most recent, product type, meal type, and dietary needs so they can more easily find the recipes that suit their preferences most. Within the recipes themselves, their site now dynamically pulls associated products in a much more dramatic, intentional callout so that users can recognize related products available for purchase. So, if a user is coming to the Truffleist site for the first time, they can easily find the products they may need to make the recipe. If a user is coming to the site to find recipes to use their Truffleist products, they can find related products to enhance their recipes further.

Creative freedom and flexibility

The Truffleist team needed a headless solution that would make it as easy as possible for their team to maintain, update, and enhance the site after the initial launch. After a walkthrough of bl!nk’s Studio, the Truffleist team took to bl!nk’s drag-and-drop visual page-building tools quickly. Now able to make more updates on their site in less time, the Truffleist team has found that bl!nk’s Studio has given them complete freedom and flexibility over their site without the need to rely on custom development or pour loads of money into their site.

Site design

When on Shopify, the Truffleist felt as though they were locked into a theme without much room for customization. The design of their old site was uninspired and they felt like it didn’t really reflect their brand. Finding it difficult to let their vision shine through, it was important to the Truffleist team to find a solution that could help them achieve a sharper, more sophisticated look on their site that more clearly communicated their look and feel. When the Truffleist decided to integrate their site with bl!nk, updating their site design was a top priority. We took their site from a cookie-cutter Shopify template and completely transformed it into a high-end, polished site design.

bl!nk’s Studio tool has been a complete game changer for our business. The drag and drop tools make it incredibly easy to manage our site and make updates on the fly. The changes we’ve made to the site would’ve taken a lot of time and money on Shopify. But with bl!nk, it’s all a matter of dragging and dropping and our site is updated in seconds.
before bl!nk
after bl!nk

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