Headless 101

Introducing bl!nk

September 2023

A headless Shopify solution built on a React framework.

The world is full of ecommerce websites and brands around the world are struggling to find new advantages over their competitors. However, the one thing the world has not yet mastered is site speed. We’ve all been struggling for years to accomplish this — including your favorite ecommerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, WordPress, or Magneto. 

Now, there is light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to lighting fast site speed: React.js. If utilized correctly, React is a more performant framework than your typical HTML, CSS, Javascript packages and yield lightning-fast sites with subsecond load times. Does Shopify allow us to introduce React to its platform in the most efficient of ways? Nope. Does that mean it is off-limits? Nope.

Enter headless commerce: the idea of separating your frontend customer experience from your backend merchant administration. Shopify stamps this concept, and solutions — such as bl!nk — are popping up to help merchants approach this paradigm correctly. 

The speed of a React web application coupled with Shopify’s backend powerhouse creates a winning headless commerce strategy. 

Will this impact the day-to-day management of your web presence? Absolutely. However, with the right approach, you will end up with a more flexible and easily maintained website than you’ve ever had before. You’lll also boast one of the fastest sites on the internet.

Welcome to the ins and outs of headless commerce and an introduction to bl!nk, a leading Shopify headless solution. 

What is bl!nk?

A Shopify headless platform that loads ecommerce experiences in the bl!nk-of-an-eye


bl!nk is a headless Shopify ecommerce platform integrated with Shopify’s Storefront API built on a React framework. By integrating with Shopify’s Storefront API, bl!nk utilizes Shopify’s collections, products, and more on a website outside of its end-to-end ecosystem. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel here — Shopify has this covered and most, if not all, of your backend logistics depend on this data remaining in Shopify. 

The frontend customer experience is where things get fun. The bl!nk platform is built by a team of developers for the ultimate use and consumption by non-developers. Our product team does the heavy lifting, taking all considerations to allow our non-technical users to completely self-manage their own experience — without writing a single line of code. 

So, how does bl!nk make that possible? 

Introducing a no-code Shopify experience

Achieving subsecond load times with a no-code Shopify headless solution


With no-code website building solutions, like Webflow, popping up in recent years, businesses are starting to make the switch to no-code digital experiences. As opposed to traditional programming, no-code solutions allow developers and non-developers to build websites and other digital experiences using a graphical user interface (GUI). As a website is built with a GUI, our software seamlessly writes clean, semantic code. Without needless, clunky code that you often find with more monolithic CMSs (ie Shopify’s Customize Theme engine), the website is faster and more efficient. 

bl!nk is the only no-code headless Shopify platform on the market. As we discussed above, bl!nk is built by a team of developers with the intention that your website can be maintained and scaled with zero developer involvement post-launch. All other solutions are low-code or require a developer to add bespoke content. 

bl!nk features a no-code, point-and-click CMS and drag-and-drop visual page builder. With these tools, a website platformed on bl!nk can be entirely built, maintained, and evolved over time by non-developers. This gives power back to marketers to make instant updates to their sites with ease. All other headless ecommerce solutions are low-code or require a developer to add bespoke content.

On top of all of this, bl!nk allows you to introduce enhanced ecommerce functionalities to your website that you would typically need an app or developer to both build and maintain for you in Shopify. As our team of developers works to make continuous improvements to the platform and add more functionality, those features are released to bl!nk users at no additional cost. 

Benefits of going headless with bl!nk

Put frontend frustrations to rest with a headless ecommerce solution


The decision to go headless is a big step. But in the ecommerce world, it is the best solution to gain that competitive edge you’ve been looking for. When you opt to go headless with bl!nk, you’ll see a world of improvement in the day-to-day management of your ecommerce storefront. 

Faster site speed

bl!nk’s websites are incredibly performant with subsecond load times and instant page-to-page browsing for optimized conversion. Without clunky code bogging your website down, you’ll have a blazingly fast website, happier customers, and increased conversion. In turn, you’ll notice improved topline efficiency.  

Flexibility + creative control

Gone are the days of relying on a Shopify theme or a developer to achieve the look and feel you want on your website. Our headless ecommerce solution touts a no-code visual page builder that is extremely simple to use, meaning anyone on your team — no matter their skill level or technical background — can manage and make updates to your site. Every part of your website can be customized, too. Your digital storefront will finally be able to stand out among the rest. The only thing that can limit your team is their own creativity.

Enhanced SEO capabilities

With over a decade of extensive SEO practice, research, and knowledge, bl!nk has addressed many of the shortcomings of monolithic platforms when it comes to fine-tuned SEO controls. From variable-driven title tags and meta descriptions to adjustable abilities at the onsite level, like heading structure and slug control, bl!nk unlocks additional SEO opportunities for its users that are not otherwise possible or achievable through platforms like Shopify. An SEO solutionist will feel right at home using bl!nk.

Customer support + community

bl!nk is more than just a platform. Our internal team will onboard your site to set you up for success while providing ongoing support for your team. Additionally, bl!nk fosters and supports a growing community of ecommerce enthusiasts as we strive to deliver the greatest no-code headless ecommerce experiences. 

A future-proofed framework

When you work with bl!nk, you’ll have next-generation hosting and server performance, coupled with a performant React codebase. As you grow and scale your business, bl!nk is built to handle whatever comes next. 

And there you have it! The world’s first and only no-code headless Shopify platform. When you opt to go headless with bl!nk, you’ll end up with an incredibly fast, performant ecommerce experience with the easy management you need and the flexibility you want.

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“In a world older and more complete than ours they move finished and complete, gifted with extensions of the senses we have lost or never attained, living by voices we shall never hear.”
— Olivia Rhye, Product Designer

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